Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Looking for Wallpapers?

If you guys are interested to buy wallpapers only (don't want installation service), feel free to contact me! Just name the design you want, I will try to find the sample catalog for you... Hopefully you will get better price :) (this is the most important, right??)


lady pot pet said...

awak nak supply wallpapers from the UK tak? I(Akak) can supply tapi kira mutual business la..kalau me at am staying here in Scotland.

wallpapersdeco said...

akak lady,

boleh bagi design2 wallpaper yang akak suppy x? sbb saya kena check dulu sama ada design2 tu dah ada kat sini atau tak..

Anonymous said...

u sanggup datang jauh2 tak? supply area mana je?

wallpapersdeco said...

Jauh sampai mana?
Kalau supply wallpaper sahaja, maybe boleh pertimbangkan.. Kalau utk install, susah sikit..